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We purchased the tracked pool cover to avoid our young son taking that pool dip without our supervision. Lloyd has guided us through every step of the process and promptly answered all our questions. It’s been a pleasure working with Lloyd, the cover looks marvellous and it is of high quality. Thanks again for the great job.

Marc H, Peyia, Paphos

DESCRIPTION: Our “Athene” Manual Tracked Safety Cover offers ease and simplicity of use – without the expense of a fully-automatic electric cover.

The cover runs on smooth, low profile (16mm high), anodised alloy tracks which run either side of the pool. Ultra-low profile track, just 2mm high – embedded in the ground – is available at extra cost.

The roller, located at one end of the pool is discrete and low profile.  It can be housed in a wooden box.

The Athene Tracked Safety Cover is closed manually with a tow-rope… and opened using a low-geared winding handle attached to the rolling mechanism.


  • Works on both skimmer and overflow pools.
  • Easily fitted to new and existing pools, 6 x 3m to 10 x 5m in size.
  • Can be installed on rectangular or shaped (eg. kidney-shaped, figure-of-eight) pools.
  • Track can be attached to all types of pool surround: ceramic tiles, crazy paving, stamped concrete and wooden decking.
  • The Athene cover is a full safety cover and can be walked on (in stockinged feet).
  • Cover comes in a choice of 5 stock colours: light blue, dark blue, beige, light grey and dark grey.
  • We provide a free-of-charge submersible pump with sensor. The pump sits on top of the cover and automatically removes surplus water whenever it rains.


  • Simple, one person operation.
  • Pool can be opened and closed in just 2-3 minutes.
  • Pool cleaning is reduced by 95% – saves money!
  • Water evaporation from the pool is reduced by 98% – saves money!
  • Chemical consumption is greatly reduced – saves even more money!
  • Cover minimises heat loss from the pool – extends your swimming season.


WARRANTY: Our Athene Manual Tracked Safety Cover comes with a conditional 2 year warranty.

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