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Accidents caused by kids running on wet, slippery tiles are all too common, but adults can suffer painful, life-changing falls too. Zeus Anti-slip Mat and Zeus Luxe reduce the risk of slip/fall accidents.

HOW DO THESE PRODUCTS WORK?  Zeus Anti-slip Mat is made from super-dense pvc and features a 5mm thick textured surface which provides safe, comfortable traction underfoot. The open weave allows water to drain away instantly. Zeus Luxe comes 10mm thick and has a softer, more luxurious feel underfoot. Both products help prevent slip/fall accidents in hazardous locations like swimming pools, changing rooms, bathrooms, bars and kitchens. 

INSTALLATION  Zeus Anti-slip Mat and Zeus Luxe are perfect for DIY self-installation and can be easily cut to size/shape using scissors or a sharp knife. They are sufficiently heavy to stay in place, but can be secured to tiles with double-sided tape. Individual pieces can be attached to each other using cable ties.

COLOUR AND SIZE OPTIONS  Zeus Anti-slip Mat and Zeus Luxe come in a variety of colours and widths. See table alongside. 

A full roll is 15m long, but we can supply smaller lengths, subject to a minimum of 3m.

DELIVERY  We deliver throughout Cyprus at modest cost, or by prior arrangement you can collect from our shop in Paphos. Within Cyprus we deliver full rolls free of charge. 

Item Zeus Mat
(incl. VAT)
Zeus Luxe
(incl. VAT)
Full Roll       15m x 90cm €300 €300
3m x 90cm
6m x 90cm
9m x 90cm
12m x 90cm
€  80
€  80
Full Roll       15m x 1.2m €360
3m x 1.2m
6m x 1.2m
9m x 1.2m
12m x 1.2m
€  95

  • Free delivery with each Full Roll anywhere in Cyprus
  • €15 delivery charge on cut lengths outside Paphos area
  • Zeus Mat 90cm and 1.2m wide available in Grey only
  • Zeus Luxe 90cm wide available in Grey and Blue only
  • Widths and colours may vary from time to time


Brigid Le Riche
St. Georges, Paphos

Just to say thank you for the safety mat. It looks great and serves the purpose really well. Thank you for the great service!

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