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Zorba Zero-Holes Fence is a removable, free-standing, picket-style barrier of modular construction, into which an entrance gate can be incorporated. Zorba fence is attached to flange posts with heavy circular bases, so it can be installed without the need for holes to be drilled in the pool deck. This makes it suitable for:

  • Villa rentals where a landlord will not permit holes to be drilled in the pool deck.
  • Short-term holiday lets where an easily-removed barrier is required.
  • Use almost anywhere: home, garden, hotel, leisure resort, water park, wedding venue, etc.

Zorba Zero-Holes Fence is not suitable for use in open, exposed, or windy locations unless additional methods are used to secure the fence. These methods may include a small amount of strong crystal-clear adhesive to secure each circular base to the ground, or a weight placed on top of each of the bases. Both options available at small extra cost.


  • Easily erected and dismantled, leaving no holes in the ground after removal.
  • Made from durable, UV-resistant PVC material.
  • Comes in 2 metre and 80 cm length sections, nominal height 100 cm.
  • Entrance gate with latch and spring-tensioned hinges available. Gate can be secured with a padlock (not supplied).
  • Aesthetic, no-maintenance white gloss finish.
  • Easily cleaned with a water hose.
  • Price includes professional installation.


In a word, no. Our Elite Pool Safety Fence meets or exceeds internationally accepted pool safety guidelines and should be used wherever safety is the overriding priority. But for those situations where an Elite safety fence cannot be installed, a Zorba fence will provide an additional layer of protection. As with any pool barrier, a fence should not be regarded as a substitute for responsible adult supervision of children at all times.

As an additional safeguard, for small additional cost we can supply special clips which semi-permanently secure the fence sections to the flange posts.

Warranty. Warranty on Zorba fence for non weather-related incidents is 1 year. Weighted bottles excluded.

If you have any questions or would like a quotation, please ask.

Installation Photos

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Hazem Chaarani
I reached out to Safe.T.First after finding them on the web and Lloyd immediately called me to understand more about my requirements and took the time and care to understand my situation and to provide the safest, affordable and most applicable solution. After several discussions, we agreed to install the Zorpa fence which we believe, aesthetically looked a lot better for our needs and provided a safe barrier for our child to play in the backyard, without worrying about him accessing the pool accidently.
After all was agreed, Safe.T.First literally showed up the next day to do the installation! The technicians were friendly, professional and knew exactly how to install the fencing, keeping in mind my specific requirements. We are over the moon with the outcome, which not only looks great but also provides a solid safety fence around the pool area.
We were looking for a fence to secure our outside patio, as the patio surrounding our house is elevated and has steep drops all around it. As we are renting the house, we were looking for a child barrier which is not permanent and we found the Zorba Fence. 
The communication with Lloyd and his team was excellent. It took less than a week from ordering to assembling the fence. We are really satisfied with the outcome. Thanks again Lloyd, Dan and team for the amazing work, we can finally enjoy our outside area with our little one.
Pavlos Attalides

Thanks….nice work, finally my wife also liked it….matches a lot with the house.

Andreas Kitsios

Alan just installed the fence and it looks and feels fantastic. Thank you.

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