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Some pools come with a stainless steel ladder instead of Roman or walk-in steps. Using a ladder isn’t a problem if you’re young, fit and healthy, but mobility issues in later life can make using a ladder a challenge for many. 

If you want steps, the customary solution is to install concrete steps in a corner of the pool. However, retrofitting steps is an expensive undertaking which necessitates draining and then relining the pool. For this reason, installing steps after a pool is built is not practical or affordable for most people – especially if the home is rented.

That’s why we’re pleased to introduce our Easy-Access Pool Steps, a more practical and less costly solution than concrete. These white plastic steps come in self-assembly kit form and provide an easy pool entry/exit route for those with mobility or disability issues. 

If you’re a dog-owner, your furry friend might also appreciate our Easy-Access Pool Steps. Reason is, most breeds of dog can swim, but can’t climb a ladder. So, if a dog falls in a pool without a means of escape it will eventually succumb to exhaustion and drown. Many pets are lost this way each year.


  • Sturdy construction – can take up to 180kg.
  • Easy-Access Pool Steps come in kit form. Assemble and install yourself using the detailed instructions provided or we can install for small extra charge.
  • Steps weigh 23kg, but require additional sand ballast  which is poured into the top of the frame using a funnel. We supply suitable sand or you can buy from any pool shop.
  • Comes with two variable-height arms which are used to secure the steps to the pool deck. Pools less than 116cm deep will require angle brackets instead of arms, which we can supply.
  • Some types of coping stone (eg. raised lip at the edge) may require shims to be placed under the arms. Again, we can supply.


  • Provides a simple, inexpensive entry/exit route for the pool, for both humans and pets.
  • Steps are of white plastic construction, with no metal components. Easy to clean, nothing to rust.
  • Textured stair treads provide a non-skid surface.
  • Handles each side of the steps provide some support.
  • The steps are removable, so if you move house or no longer need, you can lift them out of the pool.
  • Send us photos of you or your dog using your steps and we’ll credit you €20 for each and every pic we use on our website. This is a one-off payment. Pics must be landscape format, high resolution and forwarded to us by email.
  • Because the steps come in kit form, we can ship overseas. Box size: 117 x 90 x 21cm. GW 23kg.

IMPORTANT NOTES: Assembly time: 20-30 mins. Pool installation time (2 people) 40 mins. Tools required: rubber or plastic mallet, drill, fibre/plastic inserts (eg. Rawlplug), longish s/s or galvanised screws and medium-size funnel. Plus, 25kg pool filter sand or glass beads (builders’ sand not suitable).

Steps can be positioned just about anywhere in the shallow end of the pool, providing the floor surface is level. Care should be taken not to obstruct skimmers, inlet jets or lights.

Note the height of the top step in the first image in ‘More Helpful Info.’ below. See how this compares with your pool depth at the shallow end.

These steps may not be helpful for very small dogs/puppies; you know best what your dog is capable of climbing.

WARRANTY: One-year conditional warranty is provided.

Item Price
Easy-Access Pool Steps for depths 105 cm to 170 cm. You need to buy 25kg sand or glass beads for ballast and possess a few basic tools to make the installation. €599
We assemble and install Easy-Access Pool Steps in your pool, including supply of sand for ballast. Service may not be available in all areas. €125
Special brackets and self-tapping screws where pool depth less than 116cm. €30

(Optional) Stainless Steel Grab Rail, including installation.

(Optional) 2 x Stainless Steel Grab Rails, including installation.



All prices include VAT @ 19%

Installation Photos

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Marina Michailoudis & Daniel Gerber

Marina suffered from multiple hip dislocations and lost a lot of leg power making impossible climbing a normal pool ladder. Safe.T.First found the best possible solution within multiple first quality products: four steps to top level of the pool with strong stainless grab rails. In addition, Alan the technician, made a perfect and clean installation using the precision of a watchmaker. We are very thankful to Safe.T.Pool and can strongly recommend the company as a competent and faithful partner.


… the Steps are amazing! I have had two total knee replacements in the past 6 months and no way would I have been able to get in the pool without them.

Debbie M

Can’t thank you enough for getting this done within 3 days of my initiating contact. Wonderful service, extremely helpful and understanding. My parents love the steps and I can now have peace of mind. 

Darrel Phillips
Awesome, thank you very much, the Easy-Access Steps look brilliant. We’re well pleased. Didn’t tell the wife, so was a nice surprise. Thanks again!
Tim Weaver
Peyia, Paphos

The Drop-In Pool Steps are amazing. Now we can get in and out of the pool safely, (as we are getting on a bit). We plan to get a rescue dog soon and it is important to us that the dog will be able to get out of the pool. The installation went smoothly. They came when they said they would, (two very friendly men), and they cleared up as they worked, so it was as if we have always had the steps.

Katerina Xatzimichalis

I really liked your work, accuracy and professionally-done work. Big thanks to Alan!

More Helpful Info.

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