An extremely professional company that are an absolute pleasure to deal with, a true rarity these days. Dan & Brian installed a very smart black pool safety fence for me promptly (36 hours) after me accepting their quotation. The process from beginning to end was completely seamless. I can finally sleep at night knowing that my children cannot wander into the pool unsupervised. Thank you so much for all your help and advice, Gemma.

Gemma Booth, Pissouri, Limassol

Thank you guys for the incredible job you did! My son is safe in our garden, which means we can enjoy being outside without worrying he can somehow get past the fence. No chance he is getting past this fence!! Very happy with your professionalism and communication. Couldn’t have asked for a better service or product. Thank you guys!

Alexis Liatsos, Pyrgos, Limassol

Wow! Have been completely impressed from start to finish with the amazing customer service we received! Lloyd was always super quick with his responses which was all the more impressive given our time difference in the USA! The safety fence is exactly what I wanted and the peace of mind is priceless… Also the payment in instalments was incredibly helpful. Overall could not recommend Safe.T.First more. They have shown me that professionalism is not a lost art after all.

Victoria Gianopoulos-Johnson, Erimi, Limassol

Thank you very much, Dan, for your excellent work. Timing, responsiveness, very customer oriented approach, professionally completed job – would highly recommend to anyone who is looking for good value for money. With four kids, not having a safety fence around the pool was out of the question – we just needed to find the provider who could meet our deadline and deliver expected quality.

Martin Harutunian, Emba, Paphos

We would like to thank Dan and his team for the really professional service and quality work they carried out when installing the safety fence around our swimming pool. The product is excellent in terms of quality and appearance, and for service and installation Dan and his team could not be better. We would strongly recommend to those who want a quality job with excellent service and affordable prices.

George and Stavroula Zorpas, Strovolos, Nicosia

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POOL SAFETY FENCES ARE THE UNIVERSALLY FAVOURED SAFETY BARRIER for the prevention of drowning accidents to children in the 1-6 years ‘high risk’ age group. 91% of our customers opt for a pool safety fence.  Here’s why:

  • A pool safety fence provides a safe, secure barrier 100% of the time, whereas the protection afforded by a safety cover or safety net is lost once it is removed from the pool for swimming.
  • The time and effort required to remove a safety cover or safety net can be a disincentive to taking a quick dip in the pool on a hot summer’s day.
  • A pool safety fence is usually the least expensive type of safety barrier.
  • A pool safety fence is nearly as effective as a safety cover at keeping leaves and debris out of the pool.


FEATURES AND BENEFITS Here are some of the features which make our ‘Elite’ pool safety fence so unique:

1. The ‘Elite’ pool safety fence is completely removable. If not required in place, the fence can be taken down in minutes, rolled up into convenient, easy-to-carry bundles, and then stored. When next required, the fence can be re-installed in minutes.

2. The mesh panels on our ‘Elite’ pool safety fence are see-through. This enables you to see what’s going on in the pool at all times, and is more pleasing to the eye than wooden, steel, or concrete structures, which can detract from the ambience of the swimming pool area. Unlike conventional fencing, the mesh panels on our ‘Elite’ pool safety fence have no hand or toeholds for children; consequently kids cannot climb over the fence, nor can they crawl under.

3. Appearance matters: customers tell us that they love the appearance of our ‘Elite’ pool safety fence – particularly the beige colour which blends so perfectly with the Cyprus landscape. The fence comes in two other colours: dark green and black. We can make your pool safety fence whatever shape you like, and as large or as small as is practical and safe.

The fenceposts are made of aluminium alloy and feature a baked-on powder-coated finish, to inhibit corrosion and maintain the nice appearance of the fence over many years. The stainless steel we use for the screws and the pin at the bottom of the fencepost is one of the highest grades available. All materials are mildew and UV-resistant.

4. The specification for our ‘Elite’ pool safety fence meets or exceeds the criteria laid down by those countries which have pool safety regulations. For example:

  • Our ‘Elite’ pool safety fence is 1.2m high – universally considered to be the minimum height for a pool safety fence.
  • Most pool safety fence manufacturers space their fenceposts 100cms apart. Ours are just 80cms from one fencepost to the next; this makes for a stronger, more robust, and much safer fence.
  • Sections of fence are joined together with child-proof safety connectors.
  • Our ‘Elite’ pool safety gate utilises spring-loaded hinges, which make the gate self-closing. You can never accidentally leave the gate open.
  • The gate is self-locking and locks automatically each time you pass through. You can never accidentally leave the gate unlocked.
  • The gate is also key-lockable, enabling you to deny access to older children or unauthorized persons.
  • The release latch on the safety gate is 1.5m (4’11”) high and requires two hands to open the gate, making it impossible for children in the high-risk age group to accomplish this task.

5. Keeps kids safe at Birthday Parties. This video illustrates how.

6. Warranty. Our Elite pool safety fence comes with a conditional 5 year warranty.

If you have any questions, or would like a quote, please ask.

Now take a look at our video showing how we install an ‘Elite’ pool safety fence:

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: We’re happy tο ship pool safety fence orders almost anywhere in the World. Please ask for a quotation.

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