Brigid Le Riche, St. Georges, Paphos


Just to say thank you for the safety mat. It looks great and serves the purpose really well. Thank you for the great service!

Marios Skandalis, Nicosia


We selected Safe.T.First Pool Safety for the replacement of our pool’s liner and admit we were a bit worried as to the effectiveness, timeliness and quality of the service to be received, given the practice and reputation of the service delivered by similar Cypriot firms. Safe.T.First Pool Safety has proven to be an oasis within […]

Amy A, Konia, Paphos


The “Athene” Safety Cover is the exact peace of mind we were looking for when deciding on the safest way to protect the pool for our baby. The cover is super easy to put on and take off and the additional pump to place on top of the cover eliminates any water build up on […]

Evdokia Antoniadou, Nicosia


I am so glad that I chose you for our safety fence! Great job, super professionals, kind people and smiley faces! Thank you so much for your advice and your excellent service! Thank you so much once again!

Savvas P, Agios Athanasios, Limassol


I am very grateful that people such as Lloyd have decided to move to Cyprus and provide a service that is beyond any shadow of doubt very professional and delivers on schedule, unlike other local providers who definitely do not even come close to competing with Safe.T.First Pool.

Philip & Marilena Pentaliotis, Nicosia


After scouring the internet for reputable swimming pool professionals in Cyprus, we sent out 10-15 emails to various companies. From the very start Lloyd provided us a fast, very professional, thorough and honest response which foreshadowed our future relationship and reflected his overall services. From the very start till the very end, Lloyd assisted us […]

Chris Charalambides, Souni, Limassol


Amazing, professional job and installation by the team at Safe.T.First Pool Safety Ltd, and more amazing are the results. I live in Souni, which is by default 3-4 degrees lower than the city, but even so, the pool water was 27-28 deg on the 16th April this year! Thanks to the solar cover, we are […]

Christine Thomas, Maroni


This is a company and workforce that I would happily recommend to anyone. They are reliable, professional and trustworthy. I am delighted with the attention to detail and sheer perfectionism shown by Lloyd’s team who relined my pool and inserted new skimmers. I was apprehensive when I saw how much stamped concrete needed to be […]

Sophocles Ioannides, Nicosia


We have managed to install the safety fence during the weekend without much trouble. It took us around 4 hours. Thank you again for your help and for your professionalism.

Ross Pays, Laneia, Limassol


Many thanks; good efficient job and I can see straight away the quality and finish is much better than any we have had before. We have had the pool over 20 years and more covers than I can remember, but this certainly looks 10 times more durable… and can’t fault your speedy service.

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