WHAT IS A SOLID PVC COVER? Our ‘Achilles‘ cover is made from dense, non-permeable PVC membrane and can be used year round, even on overflow pools. It’s an alternative – favoured by some – to our popular mesh Winter Debris Covers.


  • It can close off a pool for long periods of time. The two-tone material completely blocks out light and prevents all debris – even fine dust – from entering the pool.
  • While the cover is in place, little or no water quality monitoring or maintenance is required.
  • The cover can be left in contact with water, making it perfect for year-round use on an overflow pool.
  • Because it is a solid cover, water evaporation is zero.


  • A Solid PVC Cover doesn’t allow rainwater to pass through the cover; consequently water will build up on top of the cover in a skimmer pool whenever it rains. This can create a safety hazard for young children. Furthermore, if the water is not removed promptly, leaves and debris will accumulate in the water.
  • With skimmer pools an electrical pump is required to remove water from on top of the cover. You can buy an inexpensive unit from a hardware store, or we can supply a more sophisticated pump which switches on automatically whenever it rains. See photos alongside.
  • A Solid PVC Cover cannot be used on an empty pool, or a pool where water is not maintained to the correct level.

HOW IS THE ‘ACHILLES’ COVER SECURED IN PLACE? There are a number of different options available and these are shown in the photos alongside. The method we use will be determined by the type of pool deck – whether ceramic tiles, crazy paving, stamped concrete or wooden decking. Nickel-plated eyelets are located around the reinforced perimeter of the cover.

‘ACHILLES’ SPECIFICATION: European material to NFP 90-308 (12/2013), specially made for pool covers and highly resistant to pool chemicals. Weight 580g/sq.M, temperature resistant to -30/+70°C. 

IS THIS A SAFETY COVER? Although the ‘Achilles‘ cover is strong and durable, it cannot be regarded as a safety cover because the anchoring mechanisms used to hold the cover in place are not childproof.

COLOURS AVAILABLE: Mid-blue, beige and mid-grey.

WARRANTY: Our ‘Achilles‘ Solid PVC Pool Cover comes with a conditional 2 year warranty; the water pump with a 1 year warranty.

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: We’re happy to ship our ‘Achilles‘ covers almost anywhere in the World. Please ask for a quote.

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