We selected Safe.T.First Pool Safety for the replacement of our pool’s liner and admit we were a bit worried as to the effectiveness, timeliness and quality of the service to be received, given the practice and reputation of the service delivered by similar Cypriot firms.

Safe.T.First Pool Safety has proven to be an oasis within this uncertainty and worry that exist in Cyprus. We have pleasantly been surprised of the quality of the service received and the reliability of the firm. Safe.T.First Pool Safety is surely a benchmark for others to follow in Cyprus!

Marios Skandalis, Nicosia

After scouring the internet for reputable swimming pool professionals in Cyprus, we sent out 10-15 emails to various companies. From the very start Lloyd provided us a fast, very professional, thorough and honest response which foreshadowed our future relationship and reflected his overall services.

From the very start till the very end, Lloyd assisted us in surveying our swimming pool, selecting a top quality liner and brought in a professional team who did an excellent job installing our new filtering system and our liner. Our pool is now looking excellent!

We are nothing short of thrilled at the results and we highly recommend Lloyd and his team! They are all exceptional at their craft and proud of their work, they are very happy to help, very efficient, very honest, they meet set deadlines and from a financial perspective they match, if not provide a better price, than the competition in Cyprus while providing better quality of products and services!

Philip & Marilena Pentaliotis, Nicosia

This is a company and workforce that I would happily recommend to anyone. They are reliable, professional and trustworthy. I am delighted with the attention to detail and sheer perfectionism shown by Lloyd’s team who relined my pool and inserted new skimmers. I was apprehensive when I saw how much stamped concrete needed to be broken for the skimmers but cannot believe how they matched the colour and reproduced the pattern. The pool itself is wonderful and I cannot wait for my first swim.

Christine Thomas, Maroni

IS YOUR POOL IN NEED OF REPAIR OR UPGRADE? When new, a swimming pool is an attractive focal point in the garden. However, with the passing of time it can lose its good looks and reliability. Tell-tale signs of a pool’s advancing years are colour fade around the waterline, bubbles and wrinkles in the liner and skimmers which crack or stop working. A pool can also lose water – a serious issue if you can’t determine where the leak is.

Though any of these problems can cause concern, they’re easily fixed. In experienced hands each and every aspect of a pool’s looks and functionality can be restored to like-new condition. 

Our team has over 20 years experience of refurbishing swimming pools; everything from finding and fixing leaks to replacing skimmers. The team is professional in outlook, strives for perfection and takes pride in overcoming the repair challenges they come across daily. Little wonder customers regard them as “the best in the business!”


  • We investigate and repair water leaks using pressure-test, dye detection and probe techniques.
  • We can repair or replace defective skimmers.
  • We repair or replace returns (water jets).
  • We replace blocked pipes which connect skimmers to the pump room.
  • We can replace failed pool lights with new LED; white or coloured.
  • We can instal walk-in steps in the corner of a pool.
  • We can replace old-fashioned coping stones with contemporary marble designs.
  • With overflow pools, we can remove old-fashioned plastic overflow grilles and replace with marble.
  • We can replace filter tanks, associated pipework and failed water pumps.
  • And we can strip and reline your pool with ultra high quality 1.5mm PVC liner.

HOW MUCH DOES THIS COST? Each and every pool is different, so it’s impossible to give general guidance on prices. Best way forward is for you to send us information about your pool; tell us it’s dimensions and what the problems are. Most importantly, send us as many photographs as you can on WhatsApp, Viber or email. Use 99 385218 for WhatsApp and Viber and mysafepool@cytanet.com.cy for email. Within a day or two we’ll email you our observations, submit indicative prices, and if you wish to proceed, arrange a site visit.

While we believe our prices to be competitive, our core values as a company are on using quality materials, doing the job right, being professional and communicating well. We don’t skimp, we don’t cut corners. So if you’re simply looking for the cheapest bidder in town, we may not be the company for you.

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