PVC POOL LINERS HAVE A TYPICAL LIFE OF 8-12 YEARS. After that they need to be replaced. When the time comes to replace a pool liner, it’s important to make the right choices in terms of the liner material and the company who will carry out the replacement.

American pool liners are considered to be among the best. These reinforced liners come 1.5mm thick and feature a wide range of attractive designs. The liner membranes are stabilised against UV degradation and are resistant to ageing, fungal and bacterial action, stains, abrasion and scratches.

This long-established and highly-respected manufacturer is so confident of their liners that they guarantee the waterproofing properties for up to 10 years*.

While the quality of the replacement liner is important, so too is the competence of the people who will install the liner. The installation team need to have a wealth of knowledge, skill and experience if a pleasing result is to be achieved. Their quality of workmanship is evident in the Installation Photos alongside.


1. Safe.T.First has an enviable reputation for professionalism, quality of product and first class workmanship. Since our company was formed in 2005 we have established a reputation for installing pool safety fences to an exceptionally high standard. In 2008 we started installing pool covers and we are now a leading supplier of pool covers in Cyprus. In 2014 we resolved to set new standards in the field of pool lining.

2. We only supply quality liners. We will not jeopardise our reputation and risk disappointing customers by installing poor quality liners. Cheap pool liners are a false economy and are unlikely to withstand the harsh Cyprus climate. That’s why we specialise in American liners.

3. Our philosophy is that there’s only one way to do a job – and that’s to do it right. For this reason we only engage skilled, trained technicians who are motivated to do the job well. 

4. Our GUARANTEE. In addition to the liner manufacturer’s warranty, we guarantee our workmanship for a full 60 months following installation of the liner.

5. As well as lining the pool, we can undertake many of the modifications and improvements which pool owners often carry out at the same time as the pool is re-lined. For example:

  • Install walk-in steps in a corner of the pool.
  • Smooth the floor and walls of the pool prior to re-lining.
  • Pressure test, leak detection and repair.
  • Replace defective or cracked skimmers.
  • Exchange failed lights for new LED.
  • Replace coping stones.


  • Removal of the old pool liner.
  • Elimination of algae which may have built up on the pool walls and floor underneath the old liner.
  • Make good minor defects to the walls and floor of the pool.
  • Line the pool with the customer’s choice of liner.
  • Where there are walk-in or Roman steps, application of white anti-slip material to the step treads.


  • Emptying the pool of water, though advice is given on how to do this.
  • Repairs or additional work to the walls and floor of the pool which becomes evident after the old liner is removed. Examples of this are cracks in the concrete, ingress of tree roots, excess amounts of algae/slime and exposed rebar which has gone rusty.
  • The cost of new faceplates, drains, returns and pool lights. These are chargeable extra, where required.
  • Cost of water to fill the pool on completion. However, we can arrange this for you.

If you have any questions, or would like a quotation, please ask. Because of the many variations in pool size, shape, depth and fittings, we will almost certainly need to make a site survey before we  provide a firm quotation.

* The manufacturer’s 10 year warranty is conditional on a number of factors including: the correct use of quality (ie. European grade) pool chemicals throughout the life of the pool; pool water being maintained at the correct level throughout the life of the pool; the avoidance of excessive sun cream use by bathers; the avoidance of abrasive cleaning action or harsh chemicals around the waterline; deliberate or accidental damage to the liner, mis-use, Act of God, etc. Full details provided on request.

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