Most breeds of dog can swim, but if a dog becomes trapped in a swimming pool it may tire, succumb to exhaustion and drown. Many pets are lost in this way, with family inside the home unaware of the tragedy unfolding in the pool.

Some pools are built with walk-in steps and this means a dog can escape if it accidentally falls in, or jumps in. Other pools just have a stainless-steel ladder… but dogs can’t climb those.

Retrofitting steps after a pool is built is a costly exercise which involves draining the pool. If the pool has a pvc liner, the whole pool will need to be relined at a cost running into thousands. For this reason, installing steps after a pool is built is neither practical nor affordable for most dog owners – particularly if the home is rented.

We’re pleased to announce a solution to the problem: “K9 Pool Escape Steps”. These white plastic steps come in self-assembly kit form and provide a relatively inexpensive entry and exit route for the pool.

We humans also find steps easier and less physically demanding than a ladder, particularly if we have mobility or age-related issues.  So, these steps can be a magic “win-win” for both canines and humans.


  • Sturdy, robust construction – can take up to 180kg.
  • K9 Pool Escape Steps come in self-assembly kit form. Assemble and install yourself using the detailed instructions provided; alternatively, we can install for you (depending on location) at modest additional cost.
  • The steps weigh 23kg but require additional sand ballast, which is poured into the top of the frame using a funnel. We can supply suitable sand, or you can buy from any pool shop.
  • Comes with two variable-height arms which are used to secure the steps to the pool deck. Shallow pools may require angle brackets instead of arms, which we can supply.
  • Some styles of coping stone (eg. raised lip at the edge) may require shims to be placed under the arms. Again, we can supply these.


  • Provides a simple, inexpensive entry/exit route for the pool, for both pets and humans.
  • Steps are of white plastic construction, with no metal components. Easy to clean, nothing to rust.
  • Textured stair treads provide a non-skid surface.
  • Handles each side of the steps provide some support.
  • The steps are removable, so if you move house or no longer need, you can lift them out of the pool.
  • Send us photos/video of your dog or you using the steps and we’ll credit you €20 online for each and every pic/video we use on our website/social media. This is a one-off payment. Pics must be landscape format, high resolution and forwarded to us by email.
  • Because the steps come in kit form, we can ship overseas.

IMPORTANT NOTES: Assembly time: 20-30 mins. Pool installation time (2 people) 30 mins. Tools required: Rubber or plastic mallet, drill, fibre/plastic inserts (eg. Rawlplug), longish s/s or galvanised screws and medium-size funnel. Plus, 25kg pool filter sand or glass beads (builders’ sand not suitable).

Steps can be positioned just about anywhere in the shallow end of the pool, providing the floor surface is level. Care should be taken not to obstruct skimmers, inlet jets or lights.

Note the height of the top step in the first image in ‘More Helpful Info.’ below. See how this compares with your pool depth in the shallow end.

These steps may not be helpful for very small dogs/puppies; you know best what your dog is capable of climbing.

WARRANTY: One-year conditional warranty is provided.

Item Price
K9 Pool Escape Steps for pool depths 116.5 cm to 170 cm. You will need to buy 25kg sand or glass beads for ballast and possess certain basic tools to make the installation. €599
We will assemble and install K9 Pool Escape Steps in your pool, including supply of sand for ballast. Service may not be available all areas. €99
Special brackets and self-tapping screws where pool depth less than 116.5 cm. €20
Send us photos/video of your dog or you using your K9 steps and we’ll credit you €20 for each and every pic/video we use on our website/social media. This is a one-off payment. Pics/video must be landscape format, high resolution and sent to us by email. €20 Discount
All prices include VAT @ 19%

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