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The other day we had a pool safety cover installed by Dan and Brian. We want to thank you for an excellent installation, it turned out beautiful.

Some years back we purchased a similar cover for our pool in America. It was also a quality product, long-lasting and safe, as well as good looking. We were looking for some time for a quality pool cover here in Cyprus and finally we found your company. We are most happy that we bought your safety cover and will highly recommend you to all that need your product.

Andriani & Otto Mentzel, Galoyerous, Limassol, and USA

PURPOSE: People choose a pool safety cover for two main reasons. Firstly, they want a safe, secure, barrier to help prevent young children and pets from falling into the swimming pool. At the same time they’re looking for a protective cover for the pool. A safety cover fulfills both requirements.

As well as keeping a pool clean, safety covers minimise water loss by evaporation. They also reduce the use of pool chemicals. Some cover owners further cut maintenance costs by closing down their pool during the winter months. All these benefits translate into cash savings, which help offset the cost of a cover.

A safety cover looks almost identical to a winter cover. However, there are important differences.


  • A safety cover is designed purely with safety in mind – with the protection afforded from windblown dirt and debris a bonus. In contrast, a winter debris cover is intended only to keep leaves, dirt, debris and wildlife out of the pool. A child’s safety is not assured with a winter cover.
  • The safety cover’s webbing straps are 1 metre apart – much closer than the 1.25-1.5m spacing of a winter cover. And unlike a winter cover, the safety cover’s webbing is attached to both top and bottom of the cover. Also, the woven Polyethylene mesh used in the safety cover has a higher thread-count than a winter debris cover. All three factors combine to make a stronger load-bearing structure, capable of withstanding the weight of several adults.
  • With a safety cover, special attention is given to closing off the gaps around any stainless steel ladders which go into the pool.
  • Crucially, the safety cover’s anchoring mechanism is much more secure than that of a winter cover. A special tool is required to remove the cover from the brass anchors embedded around the pool deck; and without this tool the cover cannot be removed. A winter debris cover is relatively easy to remove from the pool.

So the message is clear, if you wish to make a pool safe – with keeping it clean an added advantage – then you need a safety cover. And if you only want to keep leaves, dirt, debris and wildlife out of the pool, with minimal element of safety protection, then you can settle for a winter debris cover.


Only when you see, feel and handle one of our Safety Covers can you start to appreciate the excellence of design and manufacture. But in addition:

  • Our safety covers are custom-manufactured to fit almost any shape or size of pool.
  • Roman steps and stainless steel ladders can be accommodated.
  • No major excavations around the pool are required; our safety covers are easily retro-fitted to any pool.
  • The cover mesh allows rainwater to filter through the cover and into the pool. This not only cuts down the amount of topping-up required, but also means you do not suffer a build-up of stagnant water on top of the cover.
  • Our covers are unaffected by pool chemicals, including chlorine. They are also UV and mildew-resistant.
  • Our safety covers come with a cover removal tool and free storage bag.
  • Aesthetically, our safety covers are very good looking…and you have a choice of three mesh colours: Forest Green, Ocean Blue and Designer Black.
  • And saving the best news ‘til last – our safety covers are a fraction of the cost of an electro-mechanical cover.

WARRANTY: Our safety covers come with a conditional 12 year warranty.

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: We’re happy to ship safety covers almost anywhere in the World. Please ask for a quote.

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