Safe.T.First Pool Safety Ltd is pleased to be appointed exclusive Cyprus distributor for FSI’s internationally-acclaimed antSLIP treatment.

WHAT IS antiSLIP?  antiSLIP is an invisible, liquid-applied, moisture-reactive treatment which will increase the wet slip resistance of most types of hard floor.

THE PROBLEM  In Cyprus, granite, ceramic and porcelain tiles are widely used as flooring surfaces in and around the home.  While hard-wearing and pleasing to look at, these surfaces can be dangerous to walk on when wet.  Many of us will have experienced a fall at one time or another.

THE SOLUTION  The traditional remedy for slippy surfaces required removal and replacement of the problem tiles. This was a major undertaking, causing considerable inconvenience and was also time-consuming and costly. Now, our 3-part antiSLIP treatment can reduce the wet-slip characteristics of most hard floors, in minimal time, and for a fraction the cost of replacement.

HOW antiSLIP WORKS antiSLIP works by penetrating, and then bonding into, the microscopic pores of the substrate below the surface.  On contact with moisture, the system expands microscopically above the surface to dramatically increase the coefficient of friction.

WHAT CHANGES ARE APPARENT AFTER TREATMENT? There is usually little or no change to the appearance, texture or feel of the treated surface, though in the case of highly polished natural stone substrates, the shine will diminish slightly, creating a translucent finish.  The shine will therefore be reduced, but not lost completely.

LIFE OF THE TREATMENT The minimum life expectancy of antiSLIP is 3 years, but could be longer, dependant on the level of foot traffic and environmental factors.

In order to increase the longevity of the antiSLIP treatment we recommend Step 4 Cleaner/Degreaser be used for ongoing cleaning and maintenance. Step 4 is available in 5l containers and dilutes 1 part to 12.5/25 parts water.

WARRANTY We offer a 12 month warranty against defective materials or workmanship.

If you have any questions, or would like a quote, please ask.

ENVIRONMENTAL CREDENTIALS  antiSLIP is environmentally friendly, fully biodegradeable and contains no hazardous solvents or toxic chemicals. For this reason, treatments can be undertaken with minimal disruption to people or pets.

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