Whether made of real wood or composite (composite is a blend of wood fibre and plastic), decking has a natural appearance and feel. It comes in a range of qualities and shades and the surface is non-slip. Above all else, an expertly installed wooden deck is visually appealing. Wood is good!

But how can a pool safety fence be installed into decking, given the requirement for multiple, correctly-spaced holes to be drilled into an uneven wood surface, with large pockets of air beneath the decking?

It is evident from the poor quality safety fence installations frequently found in Cyprus that some companies find it hard to install to a satisfactory standard, even on easy, everyday surfaces like stamped concrete, crazy paving and ceramic tiles. And if these same companies can’t perform with ordinary materials, how will they cope with a difficult surface like wooden decking? The end result could be very disappointing…and it’s certainly not a risk you would want to take with your nice new pool deck.

At Safe.T.First we strive for perfection on each and every installation we undertake. Over time we have developed a methodology which enables us to produce high quality work whichever medium we work with. We use the very best drilling equipment and employ a wide range of specialist tools to ensure first class results. But the most important contributory factors are our experience, expertise and determination to do the best job we can. Please do not for one moment assume that other safety fence installers will produce quality work like you see on this page – they won’t!

PREPARATION: If you intend installing decking around your pool and also require a pool safety fence, please talk to us well before the decking is laid. If you involve us after the decking is in place, it may be impossible for us to install a safety fence (worst case scenario)…or the decking may require significant remedial work before the fence can be installed. Please talk to us first, in order to avoid problems later.

Require a quotation? Please ask.

NB: because of the level of skill and special tools required, our DIY Safety Fence Kits are not suitable for installation into wood decking.

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